Carols in the Cloisters…. Merry Christmas!

First of all we want to say a very big THANK YOU to all of our society members for coming to our events this term and for helping us to raise awareness!  The events and socials would not have been half as successful without you there and we can’t wait to do more with you next term!

On Thursday 17th we hosted our Carols in the Cloisters Evening and it was great fun!

The evening started with signed carols from the UCLU Sign Language Society – thank you for coming we all learned a few signs!


Next up were our guests of honor Sing for Joy Bloomsbury who performed a feel good set and managed to get the audience up and using the limited space available for dancing!  Sing for Joy is a choir for people with Parkinsons Disease and similar conditions, their friends and carers.  One person in every 500 has Parkinson’s, meaning around 127,000 people in the UK.  Most people who get Parkinson’s are aged 50 or over but younger people can get it too.  Everyone’s experience of Parkinson’s is different. The symptoms someone has and how quickly the condition develops will differ from one person to the next.


Then we had our intermission and we all enjoyed plenty of mince pies and mulled wine.  We also held our raffle with people winning prizes including paintball tickets, a bar tab and a luxurious homemade cake (it was very hard to let that one go…).  We also had Christmas cards on sale from Downright Excellent a charity that provides speech and language therapy to children with Down Syndrome to help them reach their full potentials. Around one in every 1000 babies born in the UK will have Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and characteristic physical features.  There is no ‘cure’ for Down Syndrome however with support children can develop into healthy and fulfilled individuals.

Afterwards our very own MiSALToe Melodics performed encouraging audience participation.  Also within the set the choir performed ‘A Bridge Over You’ in support of the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir in their bid to get the song to No. 1 this Christmas.  Any proceeds from their song go to Carers UK and Mind.



With the proceeds from the ticket sales, raffle, cards and food we managed to raise over £235 which will be split between Sing for Joy Bloomsbury and Downright Excellent! Once again thank you for coming and providing your support and helping us raise this money, as well as spreading awareness about Parkinson’s and Down Syndrome.

Merry Christmas from the Giving Voice Committee!



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