What an October!

October was a busy but exciting time for the Giving Voice Society.

Fresher’s Fair

We had great fun on October 3rd and 4th atAk7CLi0-0VifG8aRKnq5OFByT0YFJ0tKWesjHydgetxv  the Fresher’s Fair on Bloomsbury campus! Thanks to the RCSLT we had some Giving Voice badges, pens and balloons to give out, as well as our fliers with upcoming events. We carried out a poll to see how many students knew what AAC stood for, or what it meant. The results of our poll: only 6 out of 64 people had heard of AAC.  This gave us a great opportunity to tell 58 people directly about AAC and raise awareness of it.  If you don’t know what AAC is then check out our blog all about it.


We really enjoyed meeting so many students from a whole host of courses who were enthusisastic about the Giving Voice campaign!  Jess even befriended Phineas the UCL mascot!

AAC Film Night – A Theory of Everything

9369d756-b618-46f6-bd65-aca5414b92d0We had a great time watching A Theory of Everything and we were very excited to see some new faces. Jess (Social Secretary) gave a quick, but informative talk about AAC and Motor Neurone Disease and then we all tucked into our popcorn. We had a box of tissues at the ready, adorned with Giving Voice stickers, to get us through those teary moments.  The snacks really helped too….


AAC Treasure Hunt

The following Wednesday was the AAC12079279_656841644809_152869114721875795_n treasure hunt!  Members formed teams and competed to find all the clues around campus as quickly as possible to reach the end goal; the pub!  All clues were given using AAC such as a yes/no board (20 questions), a voice output system and finger spelling.  The winning team were given some RCSLT Giving Voice merchandise, chocolate and tickets to our Stammering Awareness evening. The treasure hunt culminated in members ordering all drinks and snacks using a choice board.  Even the bar staff and other students in the pub joined in! Success!


DSC_3142               AqKF8JT4JSN2Lu19CxzB4sWtZV-5XdHdMMBKg0EcaaBU

Sign-Up Event

We had a mini sign up event during lunchtimeAgCK9-KyPbJpcdOjKkH3GxEj0JYT8wiHJNvEKYbJIkzR on Wednesday 21st October, which involved free cake!  It was a very good lunchtime…

We were so happy with the turn out even though it meant less cake for us.

Stammering Evening: 

AiIqp_r0WKUw_82lKRfDpKKtTSu8MyEJkvRk8yE3_eIf (1)

Full house!  To mark International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) we ran a successful event with the support of London Stammering Association Self Help Group!  We had a great turn out of 80 people, including UCL students, staff, Speech and Language Therapists and others.  The evening consisted of short, motivating talks by individuals who stammer, of all ages and from different walks of life.  Topics such as growing up with a stammer, what goes inside their head, how therapy helped and tips for how to support someone with a stammer were discussed. The presenters felt a great sense of achievement in speaking to such a large crowd for the first time. The optimistic and positive atmosphere was further enhanced by the night being concluded with stand up from a local comedian who stammers and a chance to mingle during drinks and nibbles.


Attendees fed back to us how much they had learnt about stammering, with many raising awareness of ISAD on social media the following day. The CEO from the British Stammering Association attended along with other members, and we were delighted to be able to raise £168 for the charity.

One attendee said:

“Well done, UCL Giving Voice Society for another fantastic event to raise awareness about stammering! … All the speakers were inspirational and fantastic sports for spending their evening to educate us. We all really appreciated your honesty and openness about something that is so personal to you. Thank you!”


What’s next?:

Phew well now October is over we can have a slight breather but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have any plans!  We can’t wait to see you all again and meet some new faces!  Pop along to our Autumn Social on 25th November and bring a friend!  Follow us on twitter and join our facebook page to find out about other upcoming events.

UCL Giving Voice Committee


Facebook: uclugivingvoicesociety
Twitter: @GivingVoice_UCL
Instagram: uclugivingvoice
Email: ucl.givingvoice@gmail.com


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