Your new committee

At the last AGM meeting you voted for new committee members, and now that we are getting settled into our roles we would like to introduce ourselves!

President Karyn Rehbock


“My name is Karyn Rehbock and I’m the President of the Giving Voice Committee. As the president, it is my job to ensure that the Society runs smoothly and effectively and to be the spokesperson and representative at meetings and events. I’m currently doing my MSc in Speech Sciences at UCL, which means that I am in training to become a Speech and Language Therapist. As a future Speech and Language Therapist and advocate for communication I believe strongly in the Giving Voice message and hope to be able to carry on the great work of the previous committee and grow the society so that the ethos of Giving Voice and its important message can be spread, far and wide.

Vice-PresidentPhillippa James


“Hi! I’m Philli and I’m this year’s Vice President for Giving Voice! My role involves stepping forward when Karyn is unavailable and supporting her in her duties as president of our fantastic society. As an undergraduate I also intend to provide an unofficial link to undergraduates throughout UCL and especially those in the Division of Psychology and Language Science. I am currently in my second year at UCL studying Bsc Psychology and Language Sciences and plan to do further training when I graduate to become a speech and language therapist. I am very passionate in all that speech therapy stands for and am really excited to be part of the Giving Voice campaign this year!”

Treasurer Vanessa Kurankye


“Hi, my name is Vanessa Kurankye I am in my first year of the MSC Speech and Language Science Course. My role as Treasure involves authorising all financial expenditure on behalf of the society. I am responsible for all financial matters and ensuring the society remains within the Society’s constitution and within the club and society regulations. I work closely with all committee members when organising and planning events. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and trying out new places to eat! I have a positive outlook on life and I am a trustworthy individual who is always willing to support others.”

Social Secretary – Jessica Davies


“Hi I’m Jess, I am one of the Giving Voice Social Secretaries this year. My role will involve the conception, organisation and running of campaigns and events for the society. Away from my UCL life I like to scuba dive and paint portraits! I look forward to seeing you at events- come and say ‘hi’!”

Social Secretary – Jenny Kenrick 


“Hi, I’m Jen and I’m one of the Social Secretaries for UCLU’s wonderful Giving Voice Society this year! My role involves helping to come up with ideas and arranging events/campaigns to raise awareness of the different communication difficulties that people face. When the MSc Speech and Language Sciences isn’t working us too hard, I enjoy spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends in London, Liverpool and Wales. I love watching Everton FC play, dancing the night away and helping to make people smile 🙂 Looking forward to spreading the word about the Giving Voice Campaign!”

Social Secretary – Helena Thornley


“My name is Helena and I am one of the Social Secretaries for Giving Voice this year. Our job is to organise events for our members to raise awareness of the issues those with speech, language and communication needs face. My background is in International Development where I worked for a small children’s charity for 3 years. I am passionate about making sure that everyone has an equal voice, regardless of their background. This is one of the main reasons why I’m involved with Giving Voice this year.”

Publicity OfficerAnna Sabisky


“Hello, I’m Anna and I’m the Giving Voice Publicity Officer. My role mainly involves spreading the word about our activities and events to the UCL student body and beyond. I did my first degree in Classics, but felt that the MSc in Speech and Language Sciences would let me put my fascination with language to use in a slightly more practical way. In my spare time I enjoy climbing, cycling and drinking copious amounts of tea.”

Communications Secretary – Kate Pollard


Hi I’m Kate, I’m the UCLU Giving Voice Communications Secretary this year.  My role includes emailing society members to let you all know about any opportunities and events that are coming up, I will also be keeping a record of what happens during meetings, events and activities.  I am currently studying the MSc Speech and Language Sciences course at UCL.  In my spare time I love to read, go on walks (preferably in Scotland!) and I’m always ready to go out for some good food!

We really look forward to working with you all over the next year and seeing what fantastic campaigns we can be involved with!

Your Giving Voice Committee


P.S. If you’re looking to get involved please leave a comment below or send a message to


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