Day 5 and beyond!

Avocado overload
Avocado overload
Breakfast learning opportunities
Breakfast learning opportunities

Working behind Selfridges means that I usually cut through on the way home as a shortcut to the tube station. One of the things that I have so far not mentioned on the blog this week, is the pain that I’ve had every day during this detour. But why? Is it because it coincides with the end of work exhaustion that I’ve mentioned? Is it because it just so happens that this is the time of day that the sloshy stomach becomes the most apparent? Is it because I’m sick of walking through a shop full of things I can’t afford, whilst being surrounded by people who apparently can afford them? No. It’s because I’m sick of having salespeople approach me to offer me delicious (it’s Selfridges…) food samples (they’re everywhere!) that I have to refuse. This has made me think not only about the restriction that this diet entails, but also the levels of self-control that it also requires. It’s easy to question the predicted outcome of eating solid foods when you’re so unaware of the source – you may not feel any pain in your throat, you can’t see any open wounds, and eating is just a thing that everybody does. Surely one little bite won’t cause any harm? But it could, and evidently does, so self control is of paramount importance, and is a harsh demand for the masses of victims of a puréed diet. To lighten up the tone of my post a little, yesterday on my trip through a Selfridges (this time I was actually buying something – a new chopping board to mark the end of the challenge, and the beginning of a crunchy vegetable extravaganza) I was (too) excited to be offered a soup sample from a Vitamix salesperson. I wanted to kiss the lady, it made me so happy. Sad, I know.

Apart from the soup, my diet was pretty boring again. Lunch was leftovers from the night before (cold broccoli and green bean purée doesn’t taste any better than when hot). I hate waste of any kind, but I especially hate food waste. Unfortunately, my pledge to never throw out food didn’t stand me in good stead for a balanced and appealing meal last night, as I had a pile of avocados on the brink of being inedible. So, as you’ll see from the pictures, supper was an interesting one. A mound of puréed avocado may have provided me with all the monounsaturated fats my organs could ever desire, but it certainly didn’t provide me with inspiration for future meals.

This morning was my first morning of diet freedom. I work as a weekend nanny, and the two boys I look after were keen to hear about the week. The fact that they were so keen to learn made me think that actually it might be worth keeping the diet up for the day, as it was a great opportunity to educate them (and potentially increase the money raised…). So, disappointingly, my breakfast was not of a solid consistency once again. The boys loved seeing me put spinach, grapes and an apple into their mum’s super blender. They also loved seeing me eat it with a spoon, while they enjoyed their marmite and cheese on toast. Knowing that a picture of their breakfast was going to feature on the blog was also a novelty for them, and it’s made for some fairly happy chappies today (hurrah!).

Later on we’re going to their school fete, so it’ll be interesting to see what I can find to eat to further entertain them with then.

Love and extended blending,




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