Day four – dreaming of a preparation-free paradise

At least it's colourful...
At least it’s colourful…

Yesterday I became sick of having to plan my meals well in advance. I started off the day with my typical smoothie despite having no appetite, which is unusual for me first thing in the morning. I drank it anyway, but couldn’t be bothered to prepare lunch before leaving.
I left home at around 11, and headed to the National Portrait gallery for a wander before work. By 12.15, I was more than ready for lunch, but I still had to walk to work, AND find something and somewhere suitable to eat. I first went into Wholefoods to see if they had anything suitable, but despite the vast array of curries and stews, nothing seemed to be lumpless enough to be suitable, so I decided to head closer to work, and then pop into Waitrose to see what they could offer. Again, the hot food counter presented with no options, so in the end it was a toss up between cold soup, or a big pot of yogurt. Like most sane people would, I opted for the yogurt, and enjoyed getting more odd looks from passers-by as I demolished an entire 500g tub of soy yogurt.
By the end of work, once again I felt exhausted, and knew that I needed to head straight home to eat if I wanted to avoid becoming best friends with the pavements on Oxford Street.
My early supper consisted of puréed sweet potato and carrot mix, and also puréed green bean and broccoli mix. The former was definitely more tasty than the latter, but overall it wasn’t a bad meal. I was hungry again soon after though, so had to top up with a pineapple smoothie. It’s been hard dealing with the appetite changes this week. I go from not wanting anything at all, to being starving, usually at inconvenient times. This brings up yet another hardship of those in hospital – they get no choice in when they eat, so if that time doesn’t happen to coincide with when their stomach tells them they want some food, they’re likely to go hungry, which will cause further problems like weight loss.

The week so far has been a real learning experience. I’ve enjoyed the challenge, but at the same time I feel guilty at the fact that I’ve been in control at every stage. My guilt is alleviated slightly though when I see the amount we’ve raised, thanks to your generous sponsoring. Thanks so much everyone.

Just one more day and I will be posting pictures of the crunchiest salad I can construct. I. Can’t. Wait.




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