Day three – sparking intrigue

Finally - something tasty in my tum!
Finally – something tasty in my tum!
Lunch pre-blend. Yes, that is kale in there.
Lunch pre-blend. Yes, that is kale in there.

By day three the novelty had certainly worn off. Whilst I enjoy a smoothie as much as the next person, I couldn’t help but feel envious of my mum sitting opposite me, having her healthy bowl of crunchy cereal topped with natural yogurt and chopped fresh fruits. Not only did I envy the content of her breakfast, but I also felt like I had spoilt the occasion of her birthday breakfast. Mealtimes in the Crook household are an old-fashioned, sit-at-the-table-together affair. It’s a tradition which I cherish and have insisted on carrying over into university life with those I’ve lived with ever since leaving home. Since living on a pureed diet, it feels like I’ve lost that special occasion which breaks up the day, because my meals go down the hatch in a few minutes, leaving me watching whomever I’m eating with to finish their meal, and leaving them feeling awkward and like a slow eater (sorry Mum).

Having to plan my day around pureed meals is also becoming fairly tiresome. Yesterday I had to jump back on the train to London to be at work in the afternoon. My train was at 12, and I knew I wouldn’t have the energy I need at work if I didn’t eat before I started at half 2, so I’d have to take something on the train. Whilst we tried to be creative and think of something suitable, we ended up admitting defeat, and created yet another smoothie (albeit including some greens to make it more lunch-y) which was funnelled into a plastic bottle for the journey (am I selling it yet?).

Whilst I wasn’t particularly excited at the idea of this lunch, I did quite enjoy the odd looks I was getting on the train. This may have been initiated by my taking a photo of a translucent green bottle with a rather odd looking content on a train, but all the same, I was pleased that the guy sitting next to me seemed intrigued, and the look on his face, illustrating clear recognition that what I was attempting to consume was not at all appetising, gave me the will to finish it.

Once I had finished work at 5, I left feeling exhausted, which isn’t normal for me, and probably for anyone else who only works for 2 and a half hours per day. In fact, I felt a bit off-balance whilst walking towards the bus stop, and knew that it was my own fault for not packing in enough calories to keep me going. I’d been lazy by having a smoothie for lunch – it’s a fairly palatable way around a tricky situation. This is another difficulty faced by those who live with these dietary needs – many calorie dense foods are difficult to puree. Cheese, meat, bread – they’re all pretty much off the menu.

Last night was my favourite meal of the week. This may have been influenced by the fact that it was consumed in the park, sitting in the sun with Oli, and Oli had made it for me, but still, I’m going to insist that it was my favourite so far for the flavours and the nutritional value. Plus, after my dizzy spell on the way home, I was SO ready for my supper (I’d have happily sung for it by this point). We had (pureed) quinoa tagine with (soft and smooth) chickpea patties. They were deeelicious, and something I’d definitely try to recreate on a normal day.

Let’s see if I can pack in a few more calories tomorrow.




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