Day 3- Pureed Food Challenge

Having just seen Lucy’s latest post, i feel slightly reassured that i’m not alone in having developed a funny sloshy feeling in my stomach. I’m only slightly relieved as this suggests that this nauseous unsettled stomach feeling is yet another hardship that people on a pureed diet have to learn to live with….

I also ventured out to a restaurant, a french bistro in Soho callled Cafe Boheme. Being a slightly reserved and quick to embarass person (beetroot red cheeks etc) my natural inclination was to privately workout what i could or couldn’t eat off the menu and then just meekly order it when the waiter came round. However, i decided to force myself out of my comfort zone on the night as I wanted to see how the restaurant reacted to my diet. I told the waitress that for medical reasons i was on a pureed diet. At first she asked me to repeat myself (i may have mumbled in embarassment) but after this she was very helpful and got the manager to come out and advise me. The only viable option on the savoury menu was onion soup (i didn’t fancy the idea of blended steak frite!). I feared that this would be pretty insubstantial so i asked if they had creamed spinach. The manager explained that it wasn’t on the menu but they would be happy to make some from me. All in all i felt that they were very helpful and seemingly unfazed my request. My embarassed reaction to the experience showed me that some people on this diet may find ordering and enquiring about pureed food options one of the biggest hurdles to eating out.
Here’s my food diary:
Breakfast: weetabix with mashed bannanas (i love wet weetabix so this was not much of an adaptation from my normal breakfast)
Lunch: chilli con carne and guacamole (tasted good, looked awful)
Supper: onion soup and creamed spinach
Venetia Clark

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