Day 3 – Lazy drinking



Purple gloop, and a cup of slimy coffee, those have been my drinks today. Last night before bed I was thirsty so ate half a cucumber! This morning I woke up thirsty so drank a glass of vimto-water-gloop.  It wasn’t ’til 8 hours later that  I topped up on my fluids :/… I felt ok despite this, and strangely, I think I’m getting used to it. The body is a fighter, and I’m getting water through my food too. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that this challenge is almost over, and I can go back to normal life without worrying about what my drink might include, or how it might turn out…This hydrating malarky feels like a full-time job. I think I could have benefited from purchasing a thickener which is easier to use (I’ve just read about one which water can be poured straight into, rather than sprinkling on the drink and stirring, which is what I’ve been doing). Although it’s quite time consuming, one of the main problems with drinking the thickener is that it’s so filling. But I’m almost getting used to the vimto gloop now, and am becoming fairly reliable in guessing how much powder is needed to thicken certain quantities of fluid. In saying that, that didn’t happen when I made my first coffee of the challenge. After first stir it looked and tasted like a jellyfish had been cut into tiny pieces and added to the drink. I was too eager to drink it, and after a few minutes of leaving and then stirring it, the coffee became became more of a thin custard texture and a lot more “enjoyable”. As the title of this post states, this has definitely been a LAZY DRINKING DAY. I’ve had a litre and a half of gloop and one cup of coffee, because of being busy and not being motivated to make enough to drink. I am beginning to deeply empathise with individuals who have Dysphagia, and are advised to drink only thickened fluids; it is a constant daily challenge, and takes a lot of getting used to and determination in order to carry out drinking safely on a daily basis. Today I bought two new drinks to hydrate myself with on my last day of the challenge tomorrow. I went wholefood-esque shopping and asked if they had a thick nectar-like drink, and the only one they had was goji berry juice. I also bought coconut-rice milk, which I thought I could use instead of milk as I love coconut!

Looking forward to the end of the challenge, Alba

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