Augmentative and Alternative Communication -Day 3

Today things started to get more difficult. I was tired of using my talker to communicate and felt I was missing out on more and more opportunities to chat to my friends. This made me feel quite isolated and lonely. It was challenging building up the motivation to persevere with communicating. Lying in the sun seemed like a better idea!

I was also very frustrated not being able to take part in workshops with my peers at university. We had many opportunities to discuss things amongst ourselves but it was tiring trying to take part as much as I usually would. I also couldn’t hear my peers very well in the noisy room but had difficulty telling them this.

On a more positive note, I am feeling more confident in using natural gesture to get my point across and feel that I use my body and facial expression much more. I have now identified people who know sign and tend to gravitate towards these people so they can understand me better and translate what I want to someone else/ a group. I definitely feel I rely on others more in this regard. However the more I get used to using AAC the more natural it feels.

I have a great respect for people who use communication aids in their daily life as it takes a great deal to persevere and not to just give up when things get difficult.

Helen Currie


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