Day 3 – Bottled rainbows



The day started brightly with thoughts of a colourful array of juice to hydrate me. I went to uni armed with papaya pulp, cucumber, apple and banana smoothie, and banana milkshake. The papaya pulp has been the best so far for a few reasons. Part of this challenge is getting the thickness right, and I’ve been aiming for what is known as “nectar thickness” such as mango juice. This is the thinnest type of thickness people with Dysphagia can drink, and the papaya, blended with water was both palatable and the easiest drink to swallow thus far, with a perfect nectar-like thickness. The second best drink of the day was the xanthan gum thickened water with added vimto cordial. Funnily enough, because I didn’t add enough thickener, I choked on the water-like thinness! I’m quickly realising how difficult daily life is for people with Dysphagia is in terms of getting the right thickness for their drinks, as well as finding a taste of drink which is agreeable and hydrating. I’m wondering how this drinking can be maintained, long term, as with the water/vimto combination has to be sweet to persuade me to down enough of it thus bringing more thirst on! It’s definitely a struggle keeping myself hydrated, though I’m more hydrated than the 2 previous days. This also feels like a healthy option in terms of all the fruit and veg I’ve been eating over the past couple of days. If I didn’t eat a burger this evening I imagine this could turn into a healthy diet for me, alongside healthy food AND water! 

Colourful drinking, still dehydrated (but not to a worrying extreme), Alba 



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