Day 2- Pureed food challenge

When i signed up to this challenge, one of my first considerations was how i could make my meals as appetising and nutritious as possible. Admittedly this thought originated from a selfish gluttinous place; i’m highly motivated by food. It’s no exaggeration to say that i plan my days and even holidays around grub! However, i feel that this is a valid angle with which to explore the pureed challenge as many people have to live for long periods on pureed food eg. many stroke and head injury patients and some people with learning disabilties.

Searching the internet i found a helpful blog which inspired some of my meals this week- (aptly sub-titled- “no more chicken in a blender”). I also drew up a list of meals that i enjoy and thought of ways to adapt them into their optimum pureed state. For example, i have steered away from pureeing rice as i supected that the result would be akin to wallpaper paste. Helen Currie gave me a great tip off to substitute cauliflower for rice, which worked pretty well for my thai curry adaptation (below).

As Lucy Crook pointed out, many of the meals we are consuming this week may well be impractical or unsustainable for elderly or sick people on a pureed diet. However, i feel that there should be appetising options available for those who are able to prepare these meals, such as carers, healthcare professionals and more able people with feeding difficulties. This would surely have a positive impact on many people’s quality of life. With an ageing population, there seems an obvious need for more nutritious and delicious pureed recipees, hopefully celebrity chefs and foodie bloggers will begin to fill this void. In the meantime, it may be helpful to see what i am attempting to produce and learn from my culinary mistakes!

Breakfast: Smooth porridge with pureed blueberries and honey


Lunch: Brocolli and potato soup (

Snack: peanut butter on a spoon (desperate measures during afternoon sugar crash!)


Supper: Thai green curry with tofu, accompanied by cauliflower “rice” puree

                                Before                                                              After  


p.s i found it very difficult to subject my favourite Thai meal to the blender!

Venetia Clark



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