Day 2 – Fruity thickness


Milk, bananas, strawberries and grapes. That was my breakfast drink, blended. But to be honest, it took me hours after waking to make it. I woke up dreading the thought of drinking anything that looked like glue, or really drinking anything that wasn’t “normal”. I don’t usually drink much in the morning, but I woke up thinking about what I would drink straight away! Today I’ve had two fruity milkshakes for breakfast, and in the middle of the day I made 2 glasses of banana milkshake, and this evening I’ve been drinking a strange concoction of tomato and apple juice mixed with oats for thickness. The oats do “slow” the liquid down somewhat, but I don’t think I could recommend it as an SLT! And the thin fluid seeped through so if I did have dysphagia, this drink would probably have been a problem. These fruity drinks were ok for me today, as I stayed at home for almost the whole day, but it will be harder tomorrow when I’m out and about and at uni. Luckily, I’m not a big coffee or tea drinker because that would have made this challenge so much harder. I will try a hot beverage with the xanthan gum before the week is up – just for the experience. To increase my fluid intake I’ve been snacking on tomatoes, cucumbers and orange. Feels like a nutritious day despite no water! I’ll check out Holland and Barratt to see if they have any tasty pre-thickened drinks and I’ll make smoothies with water in them tomorrow!

Still thirsty, but fruity, Alba. 


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