Day 1- Pureed Food Challenge

Day 1 really started last night with a late night cooking session of soup, smoothie and chocolate mousse. Before anyone starts to picture me as a tragic Stepford Wife, I can explain my 1am chocolate Bain-Marie… I needed to prepare myself for the first day back to lectures and my first ever day off solid food (since 1986).

So far I’ve learnt that eating a puréed diet is far more time consuming and inconvenient than a normal diet. If you’re out of the house and want to eat something other than soup or baby food, you’ll need to prepare it in advance. I also felt like i was running on half a tank for most of the day, despite my efforts to add carbs to every meal that i consumed. Fortunately my morale was restored at the end of the day by our colourful and entertaining pureed dinner party. Here’s my food diary:

Breakfast: Yoghurt with mashed bannana and honey


Snack: bannana and strawberry yoghurt based smoothie with oats and chia seeds

Lunch: potato and broccoli soup


Supper: Gazpacho, pureed pasta arrabiata with mashed potato and mushy peas & dark chocolate mousse with mango and lime coulis


Note to self- next time avoid thickened wine – it had a frogspawn like consistency with a bitter bouquet of nail varnish remover, mmmm!


Venetia Clark


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