Day 1 – Drinking Thick



Xanthan gum was my best friend today – it’s a dried and powdered ingredient which is used to thicken fluid for individuals with Dysphagia. I added it to all my drinks, painstakingly stirring 4 tiny spoons per half-cup! At the end of the day I feel thirsty, my tastebuds are unhappy and my stomach is very confused (per 100g there is 80g of fibre – you can only imagine what that’s done to my southside)! Not only was it a physically difficult day, but socially, I felt awkward stirring powder into my tap water and coke (do not recommend) with a fork in a restaurant with friends this evening. The joys of Dysphagia drinking? Not many as far as I can tell. Every swallow is an effort, and the taste is so far from pleasant. Papier mache glue.Tomorrow will be a much more creative day regarding my fluid intake. Bloated & confused,  Alba 


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