Movie night -Diving bell and the butterfly

Last week we held our first movie night -we had a showing of ‘the Diving Bell and the Butterfly’! An amazing movie -if you haven’t managed to see it, we highly recommend it!!

It’s a French biographical movie about a man who has locked in syndrome following a stroke, leaving him almost completely paralysed and without speech. His speech therapist helps devise a system of communication with him, where she reads out letters of the alphabet and he blinks when she gets to the right one. In this way, he’s able to spell out what he wants to say and eventually writes a book. It is truly amazing to see the insights of this remarkable man and how his speech and language therapist opened up the world to him again.This movie is so powerful in showing how empowering alternative and augmentative communication can be in an individual’s life. Go SLTs!!!

 Image Mr Bauby and his speech and language therapist

Thanks to all who came to our movie night -it was great to have speechies and non-speechies there! 

Keep checking our facebook group to see our upcoming events!


One thought on “Movie night -Diving bell and the butterfly

  1. Olly Sawyer April 24, 2014 / 6:48 pm

    hey guys! great blog. I’m an undergrad student of the Linguistics programme hoping to specialise in my final years in SLT studies. I’m a member of the Sign Language and Linguistics Societies and have just completed my Level 1 Qualification in BSL in the hope to get in touch with the Deaf community, as well as volunteering opportunities and to gain an insight into the Deaf studies you can do as a student on my programme and others. Are there any specific requirements to join your society, or can I just join as a first year (aspiring) Speech and Language Therapist? It’s an amazing society guys so I hope I can! Let me know! Thanks.

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